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Basic right for everyone

We believe Health and well-being are basic quality of life for everyone. While the level of care can be different from person to person, getting access to healthcare should be the foundation of society.

Accessible and affordable

We believe getting access to healthcare service shouldn’t be difficult. With the healthcare infrastructure, everyone should be able to get the care they need at the cost they can afford.

Better Healthcare

We believe that no one should have to make a trade off between affordable care and good experience. Being sick or ill is already a painful experience for patients, they should not have to tolerate bad experience in getting access to care. Everyone deserves better care.

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Patient-Centric Ecosystem

At MedCare, our focus is on Telepharmacy - an online pharmacy platform that connects pharmacists and pharmacies with the Thai public, providing access to healthcare services and bridging the gap in medical services that are currently insufficient to meet the needs of the people. Our platform serves as a door to the public health ecosystem, making healthcare services more accessible to everyone

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